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I have been working with Jan Maples and The Connecting Point as resources for our various companies since 1996.  Jan has been an integral and valuable part of our Companies growth and success over the years in many different ways.  First and foremost, Jan has become a trusted consultant and friend who is truly committed to excellence and the best outcome for our company and employees.  Her expertise and insight in so many of our company needs and challenges has been invaluable – from big picture strategic initiatives including partnership strategic planning, mediation and companywide team building, to the finer details of developing procedures and policies for our human resources needs and employee hand books.

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Her high level of accountability and integrity has raised our companies culture to a very high level.  As our “Recruitment and Hiring consultant”, she is able to screen applicants for positions and very quickly narrow down who is going to be a cultural and performance fit for our company and who is not.  She understands our corporate culture so well that we will not spend the time interviewing someone whom Jan has not vetted for us first.  The results of Jan’s efforts show in our growth and the excellent employees and partners we have and continue to find in the market place. Since meeting Jan, we have grown from a small construction company of less than $20 million a year to a large multi-state, fully integrated regional development company doing over $200 million per year, with projected volume over the next two years of over $300 million. I do not want to think about where we would be today without Jan, and fortunately we do not have to worry about that. I am looking forward to many more years of her sage and sound advice and expertise to help lead our various companies and partners into the future. I cannot imagine doing any of this without her by our side to help us. Thank you Jan
Kevin L. Reid

Chairman CEO, Titan Development

Since October of 2007, my team and I have had the pleasure of working with Jan Maples. The transformation our group is evident in the progress we have made toward building an enduring framework of collaboration out of a group of talented but less than effective management personnel. I realized I needed some help with my team after reading, The Five Dysfunctions of a Team. I contacted Jan because a colleague, who had some similar issues, recommended her. Since the initial meeting with Jan, we conducted seven offsite meetings including a two-day initial retreat to get the process started. In addition, Jan has facilitated numerous one-to-ones with staff having difficulty with other team members or understanding the process.

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 For 2009, I plan to continue quarterly off-sites for my team with Jan so that we can continue to improve our team and company. With Jan’s assistance, experience and wisdom, my team and I have addressed very difficult issues. We worked on the dysfunctions with in our group and have resolved many of them. As a result, we gave our management team a new identity, TANSS. Suffice it to say that everyone is equally important to the team. We addressed the “elephants” in the room and other looming adversities. We participated in visioning for our company’s future and identifying leadership styles and our corporate culture. We identified metrics for success and have engrained their importance at every level of our organization. Personally, Jan has become my sounding board on many occasions. She assisted me with making very difficult decisions regarding employees. She has also advised me with regard to regulatory/legal issues on several occasions. If you are interested in making extraordinary changes in the way your organization and employees work, then I would highly recommend Jan Maples to you. I caution you; however, she is a very direct and exceedingly honest professional. It is my opinion that she will expect the very best out of you and your employees. This will be uncomfortable in many environments, but will yield amazing results.
Elizabeth Waltman

Former Executive Director, United Blood Services

I have worked with Jan on and off in my various capacities as company COO or non-profit Board Member since 1994.  Each time I have needed help in recruiting, advice on general HR issues, or as a sounding board to help me think through challenging times,  

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I have consistently turned to Jan for her support. I have found that her insights on organizational structure and operations as well as her guidance on job requirements and candidates are impeccable. She backs up her counsel with detailed notes, strong proposals, and specific recommendations — all done with compassion, acute attention to her client’s needs and good humor. Besides recruiting for all levels within organizations, I have involved her on projects such as a review of job descriptions and organizational structure, compensation audits, project planning training, and board/staff visioning. Jan’s skills span a broad spectrum and her integrity, intelligence, and compassion make her an extremely effective consultant.
Joni Parman

Former corporate COO and non-profit Board member, Consultant

I’ve been working with Jan Maples and the Connecting Point for almost ten years. Jan didn’t just teach us how to hire; she taught us how to build a team. Her many contributions include behavioral interviewing techniques, regular team-building exercises and, of course, dealing with personnel issues.

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When one examines the history of a business, there are always critical decisions that contribute to a successful venture. The decision to work with Jan and the Connecting Point was one such decision for Innovasic Semiconductor. Thanks to Jan, I don’t simply have good employees; I have an extremely effective team.
Jordon Woods

Chief Technical Officer, Innovasic Semiconductor

“The program [Values-Based Leadership] is a deep dive, a real introspective into your ability to lead and how you can improve.”

Drew Dolan

President, Titan Development

This class [Values-Based Leadership] provided an excellent opportunity to investigate ways to improve my management skills. The energy and humor made the class enjoyable, while still providing a thought provoking learning environment. Overall, an outstanding experience.

Bill Broome

Vice President of Engineering, Innovasic Semiconductor

Jan Maples, and her company The Connecting Point, has played an important part in the success and growth of  MVD Express.  As a consultant working with our company for more than a decade, Jan has been an important resource, assisting us with coaching, and leadership growth.  Most importantly, she is a trusted and respected voice.  Utilizing her many years of experience, we have been able to swim quickly though the sometime choppy waters of change. When I really need to get something done well, I call The Connecting Point.

Melissa Stock

Chief Operating Officer, MVD Express

I’ve known Jan Maples for over 18 years and have seen firsthand the results of her work with clients and their organizations.  In my role as chairperson of private advisory boards of New Mexico business leaders for Vistage, the world’s leading CEO organization, probably half of the members have relied on Jan for a wide variety of services.  In a business group where everything is openly discussed, I have only heard great reports about her and many members recommend Jan to others.

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She has helped CEOs and their staff with everything from salary reviews to difficult HR issues, to long term strategy and team building.  I would say that Jan’s great strength is in helping an organization move from a difficult presenting issue to productive and cohesive action through her listening, insight, and straight yet compassionate communication.  She is able to help teams move from friction to focused committed action.
Karen King

Chair and Owner, Vistage New Mexico

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